Summer is Here!

The summer months are here and there is so much to look forward in the latter of 2017. Arizona residents should consider exploring all the options living out west grants us. Our prime location has us nestled between California, Oregon and Colorado. Take advantage of this festival freedom! You can head to the beach or the mountains, our home is true desert rose.

Switching lanes… there’s a secret out west that you must know about…the Trolley Llama.  This trolley is no ordinary streetcart. They had a pop-up shop at Gem and Jam and from the colorful umbrellas dangling in the sun to the eclectic poofs sprinkled around, just the trolley’s lounge was hella tight. The inside was filled with rocks, homemade soaps, candles, fair trade goods around the world. Our minds were blown as we basked in the sweet aromatic trolley filled with smiling faces. Definitely keep a look out for the Trolley Llama this summer because they are ready for the festival circuit and we cannot wait until your paths cross.

In addition to festivals, they rent it out for corporate events as a photo/booth/lounge type art car, custom branded party bus, unique boutique parties, yoga in the park, food car, progressive dinners, Speakeasy Bar, arts and craft parties, essential oil make your own perfume parties, floral classes, etc. You dream it and they will make it happen!

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We were able to ask them a few questions to get a better of idea what this trolley is all about –

AZMF: How did you get your name, Trolley Llama?

TL: My wife and I were throwing around names for the trolley & we were thinking about an appropriate name for all of the unique things we were doing and wanting to do. We own an eco-friendly Event Production & Design Company called Beauty & Brains Productions, we wanted to use it for our events and as a pop-up shop for various local markets and festivals. I proposed “The Trolley Llama” both because we call each other Llama, as a pet name, and out of respect for His Holiness The Dalai Lama & his beautiful outlook on the world and how we should treat people. Soon we started calling it “The Trolley Llama” and we quickly realized that it was an acceptable & perfect name for everything we would be using it for and it stuck.
AZMF: What did the journey feel like in developing the Trolley Llama?
TL: At first it was a dream and quickly it turned into a nightmare. We were so excited to have finally purchased the trolley from a businessman we met on Craigslist. We had been talking with him for about 6 months, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to sell it. When he was finally ready, we had him take it to a shop to make sure it was running well, but they never ran a full comprehensive check (even though he told us they did) and unfortunately there was no oil in the engine. 40 miles after we drove it off the lot, the entire engine exploded. Oh Joy! Close to a year later, we got a new engine the transmission completely replaced. It ended up costing us 3X  more than the original asking price & we got into quite a bit of debt over it. THANKFULLY, it is finally running like new and we are getting lots of gigs from weddings to festivals (huge relief). We’re looking forward to getting it paid off and hopefully profiting soon! We can’t wait to get the word out there and get more involved with the local AZ community, as well as other events going on, all around the country! Tell us where you would like to see us and we will try and make it happen!
AZMF: Will you be at other festivals, events this year?
TL: We are still figuring out our exact summer/fall schedule. We will definitely be at a few small local festivals including Pitch-a-tent up in Flagstaff, Joshua Tree would be awesome to get into, as well. I think we will definitely be at Phoenix Lights and we hope to get up to Symbiosis and Burning Man later this summer.
We’re actually thinking about taking the trolley to Colorado this summer and raging Red Rocks!
The photo on the left is glamping accommodation the Trolley Llama curated at local fest, Good Vibe Get Down last month.
AZMF: How can we get in touch with the artisans that are used inside the Trolley Llama?
TL: Our online store should be up and ready, in the next couple of weeks, now that my wife is back from India.
AZMF:  Tell us about the items you source from India
TL: We have been preparing for a retail operation, all of our lives =)It’s so exciting to see it all come to fruition. We’ve both been avid rock collectors, since we were little kids & we have sourced unique items from our travels, all over the world. We specifically look for beautiful, unique fair trade products from small family owned businesses.
My wife Alexis, is currently in India looking for beautiful fabrics, clothing, bags, parasails, minerals, artwork and more! If we like a product & it goes well with our vibe, we’ll happily pick it up. We love supporting other small businesses & we take pride in knowing that our products are produced by honest, positive companies around the world. We also love traveling the world and hope to source many more types of products, from other countries as we continue our journey <3