A Desert Rose Incident

Euphonic Conceptions Presents:
Gem and Jam + Camping
February 2-5, 2017

“Building longer tables instead of building walls.”

This was an underlying feeling at this cozy gathering. Lovely souls from across the country gathered for an overarching reason – a love for music, art and gems.

This desert rose is Tuscon’s best kept secret. The moment you walk in you’re greeted with a well-organized staff and smiling festival goers. Every detail of this festival deserves a noteworthy mention. From the forest green and white striped vendor booths to laser die-cut wood art pieces in front of the Waste Management receptacles to the easy-to-use water dispensers that resembled what you’d find at a restaurant to the plethora of hidden art treasures and workshops!! 

The musicians, producers and lighting directors were of an exceptional caliber of class. Some highlights include the eclectic styling and visually mind-melting Trancident experience…which we’re not going to lie it was hard to articulate to our peers what we  saw. It was f***ing awesome! At a true loss for words, except we need to see more of that! Artists pushing boundaries and dipping into sub-genres going beyond the typical scope of what one considers their pocket-genre. The funky-good vibe key-crushing Kyle Hollingsworth band and folksy Infamous Stringdusters took us on a roller-coaster of emotions all the way to the late night Desert Hearts Showcase – which was something out of a music video! The break-dancers, fancy footwork and deep house beats <3 <3 we had an absolutely blast!! We can expect great things this house collective. Its always a pleasure seeing the festival-circuit vets but its absolutely REFRESHING to add NEW artists to your Sound Cloud/Spotify playlists after a fest.  We highly recommend checking out these cool cats – Haana, Safi’s Lab, Maddy O’Neal, G Jones, Thriftworks, Majitope, Evanoff & the Funk Hunters. 

Gem and Jam provided daytime activities and workshops which was another highlight! Classes ranged from AcroYoga, Thai Massages to Star Teachings. Sunday morning’s yoga class was orchestrated with Haana’s sweet bass beats and violin playing in the background – it was divine.  Gem and Jam created the perfect environment to let your inner child explore and create.

Our hats our off to the crew behind this shindig because it was one for the books. Facilitating the perfect environment for connecting so many creative, forward-thinking and informed individuals. That is not easy for a festival to foster nor control the perfect blend of festival-goers. If you want to start your year off right, you need to be here next year.

We connected with so many amazing artisans that we decided to create a project showcasing their wonderful work called Lets March for Art, Music & LOVE. During the month of March we will be posting a series of artist interviews and spotlight articles : ) 

We got to catch up with Jarred, from Lost Sailor Design Leather Art. He’s a Leather Smith who currently resides in Oregon and creates the best custom leather goods!

AZMF: When did you first learn how to work with leather?
LS: Number one. I’ve been working with leather my whole life. I’m a fourth-generation Leather Smith. I was first inspired to my own art when I was 20 when I was walking down Shakedown Street at Bonnaroo 2003. I was blown away by everybody making their own stuff and selling them at the festival and having a good time and I wanted to be a part of it. I took what I learned my whole life and incorporated the things I saw at festivals, what my friends saw and the things we loved and made my own art using a medium that I’ve been familiar with my whole life.

AZMF: Where is the leather sourced?
LS: A lot of my leather is sourced from American companies that have been in my family for generations. Most of my stuff is pre-cut kits to make my life easier and to save money. I have my own stamp designs that were laser engraved to make my stuff unique. I also handcarved on leather like a tattoo artist where I can do many different designs and be able to produce custom work for the client. 

AZMF: How is the pigment applied to the leather?
LS: I definitely don’t paint the leather, it’s a dye process that I’ve perfected over the last 13 years. We’re going to begin using an airbrush system soon. 

AZMF: Why do you create?
LS: I create because I found a gap in the world. I saw so many people making psychedelic artwork but I didn’t see anybody doing it on leather. My mom ran her own business my entire life and then I was inspired by music. I blended the two and created something I love to do. My favorite part about my art is how useful it is – people can use belts, people with journals use their leather covers everyday and it brings them both joy every time they use it.

LS: I really envy people who paint and draw and have the desire to
bring out this idea from within, the burning sensation to create. This is something I do not inherently have. I have a wonderful desire to create and make new things with leather but I do not have these scenes and imagery inside my brain that I have to get out. I applaud the painters, sculptors, performers, musicians. They inspire me. 

AZMF: What is your life mantra
LS: Make pretty things and don’t be a dick to other people. I think
Jesus said that.

You can order via Etsy. See link below. Feel free to drop him a line, he does custom work! 



Below is a list of vendors at Gem and Jam 2017.  We hope to keep adding to this list.

Avant Mining DUSTED77 Kokopalien Clothing Jason Burruss Designs The Crown Collection
AZ4NORML Eclectic Awakening Larva Designs Orgonix The Earths Energy
Beloved Minerals Farmhouse gems Light Sound Dimension Phil Lewis Art, LLC The Flow Shop
CATAL Freeborn Clothing Lost sailor design leather art Roots of Unity The Trolley Llama
Coco Loco Jewelry Gato Montes Lower Park Spectrum Geometry Third Eye Pinecones
Colorado Kaleidoscope Company Grassroots LumiStones Stardust Love Hoods Tigerlily Boutique & Botanica / D Johnson Custom Drums
Coyote Prism Gypsy Jenny’s Mostly Minerals Sustainably Grateful Tucson Psychedelic Society
Cut Edge Gems HeadySpaghetti Noralina Freedom Designs T.D. Jacobs Astrology, LLC VineWraps
Desert Bloom ReLeaf Center Hyphy Color Not Fade Away Art Take Root Designs Vintage Dead
Divine Vibe In the Matrix Onaru The C-Axis Warrior Within Designs

Mark your calendars for 2018 Gem and Jam because it will definitely be a family reunion! 

Stay tuned for more content from the Let’s March for Art, Music & LOVE  project.